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 Alice Fox is the lead singer in London based duo Avec Sans. Having played SXSW earlier this year and with their debut album due out this June, get to know the voice behind these super-cool electronic tracks and take a listen to their newest song Heartbreak Hi - it'll be stuck in your head before you know it! Find them on tour across the UK this summer too, we're sure they'll put on a great show! Read what Alice had to say in our exclusive interview below:

Introduce yourself and describe your music to us…

Hi, I’m Alice Fox and I front London-based electronic pop band, Avec Sans.


How did Avec Sans come about?

Jack and I bonded in a bar over a mutual love of electronic bands like The Postal Service. Those loves developed into the perfect musical partnership after we got together and did a cover of Bon Iver’s Perth and it blew up online. 


What’s the story behind your newest track ‘Heartbreak Hi’?

As well as being word play on a aussie teen drama that was re-run to death on TV when I was a kid, it’s also a firm telling off to lingering heartbreak, telling it where to go. 




Avec Sans is a male-female two piece, do you think men and women have a different experience within the music industry?

Women are currently ripping up the charts, though there are obviously some historical barriers which we still have to overcome. Caitlin Moran always tells her daughters to pity Rhianna as she's not powerful enough to be allowed to wear clothes and says she "could do with a nice cardie", that's an interesting way to look at the situation. 


Which other female musicians do you admire?

Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches is my woman of the moment; we managed to see them play three times over SXSW.  She’s completely charming and down to earth on stage, is publicly addressing a lot of the issues female artists face and she’s elegant and classy at the same time as being a completely electric live performer 


What influences and inspires your sound?

Conversations with friends, real –life experiences, other musical acts and more often than not with us, things we’ve read or seen in films.  


What can we expect from your debut album?

We wanted to make an album we were 100% proud of, we’ve treated every track like a single as we’re not living in an album age anymore and people will pick and chose, so we’re hoping you’ll be hearing 13 tracks that all stand up in their own right. 


Do you have a favourite gig you’ve played so far?

Playing SXSW in Texas was an absolute rush; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so that whole experience was incredible.


What’s coming up next for Avec Sans?

Our album is released on June 3rd, then we’ll be touring the UK throughout June, some shows are our own headline shows and some in support of Ladyhawke.  You can see more about our album here:


Any words of wisdom for our #iswaigirls?

This was something my grandmother told me as a child whilst traversing the dog-poo laden streets of Manchester, but I think you can carry it over to general scenarios in adult life and it’s “mind the poo, cos the poo won’t mind you” avoid drama and crappy situations and people who drag you into them. 


Keep up to date with Avec Sans news here:

Instagram: @avecsans

Facebook: /AvesSansBand

Twitter: @avecsans


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