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An Amsterdam native, Sofie Winterson is busy making dreamy indie-pop with electronic influences that we know we'll be listening to all summer! Her debut album Wires was released in 2014 and her sophomore follow up EP was released earlier this year in March and is a sheer easy-listening delight! We caught up with her after a successful stint at the legendary SXSW festival... hear what she had to say about making it in an industry dominated by men below:


Introduce yourself and describe your music to us…

I am a musician and songwriter first who also sings and performs her own songs. Dreamlike Synth-pop influenced by artists like Mazzy Star, Beach House and Judee Sill. 


What can you tell us about your newest track ‘Kids’?

At first it seems like a careless happy song, but you should listen to it again..


How has coming from Amsterdam influenced your sound?

Growing up around here has influenced me a lot. I learned from and worked with the musicians around me. I write lyrics about what I see and hear. I learn a lot from my friends who live mostly in Amsterdam.


How do you find being a female solo artist in the music industry?

The music industry is still a mans world but luckily there’s a lot of talk about it lately. I don’t often think about myself as being female or male when I make music or when I perform so it feels weird when situations require me to do so. 


Who’s your biggest female inspiration and which female artists do you admire most?

My good friends are my biggest female inspiration. As for female artists I admire Grimes for taking a stand about being a woman in the (electronic) music scene. 


You were recently at SXSW Festival, how was that?

Huge and lovely! But there are so many bands to see and too many people to see them so it’s hard to catch the shows you want to catch. But playing there is a lot of fun.


Out of all of your songs, which is your favourite?

Right now my favorite song is For as Long. This song is very dear to me.


Do you prefer performing by yourself or with a band?

It feels powerful to play solo. I can create my own private world with the audience. But playing with others gives me a lot of love and inspiration.  


Best gig you’ve done so far?

It’s hard to say which one was best but I played at a hiphop party in LA in Inglewood which was special cause my music was something completely different and the sound system wasn’t made for my set up at all, but the vibe was really memorable.


What’s coming up next for you?

Locking myself up in a small studio to complete my song ideas and to write the songs that exist only in my head still


And finally what words of wisdom can you give to our #iswaigirls?

A lot of people say to me, I wish I could sing or make music too. If you feel that way, I want to say to you, GO AND DO IT! 


Find out more about Sofie:

Instagram: @sofiewinterson

Twitter: @sofiewinterson

Facebook: /sofiewinterson


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