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Long blonde and effortlessly wavy hair; natural highlights; sun kissed skin. Ripped denim jeans and a pair of converse. Voila. These are the ingredients to the Californian look. What I love most about this lifestyle is that it's about overall wellbeing, it's not about being a slave to fashion - the women in this blog are healthy. They do yoga, drink green juice, surf and it pays off.  The ultimate effortless look requires a lot of daily effort! But once it becomes second nature, dressing becomes easy. Everything looks good.

The California girl has never been so popular. What with Kendall Jenner, Hayley Baldwin, Gigi and Bella Hadid being the models of the moment.

Not to mention the new fashion of being Instagram famous, with babes like Sahara Ray becoming their own power houses for encapsulating this LA look.

Sahara has even started her own swimsuit range of the back of her social media fame: . This number below is my personal favourite from the collection.


My personal style is quite Californian although I'm from London; I feel more at home by the beach. Comfort comes first and I believe that the best accessory a girl can wear is her smile.


Mara Teigan is another favourite of my Californian girls. She is simply stunning!
Check her out in these Minimale Animal swimmers. 


Getting the LA look requires regular beach visits to top up your tan. Venice beach is great for a super laid back vibe and awesome people watching. Go to Malibu to spot celebs having a surf (and eat at Nobu where Justin Bieber is a regular).

(View from Nobu)
Me at Nobu wearing Nepenthe 

My favourite places to shop in LA are Reformation on Melrose. 

It has a great collection of pieces. I like everything in there. Middle to high price range clothing that lasts. If your looking for a evening day dress, go here. Also big on floral prints.

For vintage heaven Melrose Avenue is great, and Wasteland is the place to go! 

Here are a few of my picks from ISWAI that achieve this simple look. 

Caggie x


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