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Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that ISWAI and HQ hair have teamed up to provide you with all you need for the perfect summer get - away ! I am going to share my travel tips and have picked my favourite travelling products for “ISWAI and HQ hair’s get away giveaway!” 

Go nude but better

I like looking natural when I am away, so it is important that I bring the right products with me to keep my skin and hair looking great. Nudestix is a great brand that gives you a fresh faced nude look, enhancing what you have without overdoing it. When it comes to my hair...well it tends to go a bit wild. I use Moroccan Oil to keep it under control. They have a great range of products that are perfect if your hair is on the crazy side, and gives you a natural and balanced beach look. Just tease the ends with it and leave your hair to dry naturally in the sun.  


Whenever I travel I like to travel in style and comfort. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a night on the town, our ISWAI tote bag is a great all rounder that caters for all. It’s the perfect summer colour and is just the right size to take you straight from Saint-Tropez beach to cinq en cinq for dinner without having to make a trip home. 


Dear diary...

I love keeping a diary while I am away. I think it’s so nice to be able to look back at the memories written out on a page. We think we will remember them, but we don't! I have endless diaries in my room. So I thought it was important to create one for ISWAI. I also am a big fan of poetry so it doubles up for a me as a poetry book. Theres nothing I enjoy more than sitting by the ocean writing songs and poems on a beautiful summers day.  

No more tangle torture

I don’t leave home without my tangle teezer, especially if I am going to the beach! It fits effortlessly in your bag and is amazing for when the sand and sea have made your hair a complete mess! It can really sort through the knottiest off hair, trust me! This product is genius and one of my all time faves. 


Flipaty flop

ISWAI have created some branded flip-flops to keep you on trend for the summer. In our staple turquoise colour they are fun and fresh and beach ready. Just make sure you  have had your pedi before hand.


Fake it

Don’t arrive on holiday looking like you haven’t seen the sun for a quarter of a century.  Fake it till you make it. For this I recommend fake bake. It gives you a  natural all over tan without leaving you smelling like a biscuit (you know the smell I’m talking about). Plus you won’t look like you might burst into flames when you see the sun. Always a bonus.
And finally stay moisturised. 
To keep my tan I use coconut oil to moisturise and something organic and natural.  And drink water! Water will keep your tan as your skin will be hydrated. Exfoliate before you go away, and use sun lotion; preferably factor 30. Nothing ages you more than the sun, remember: sun-kissed, not sun-cooked. 
Bon voyage!



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