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By Anisa Sojka
I believe I speak for us all when I say that how convenient it is to have items in our closet that can be worn several times, to create a range of looks, and are suitable for all sorts of occasions. Along with practicality, items like these enable you to make the most out of your shopping budget too.
Not only is this ISWAI Rose Gold Jacket and Skirt suit stunning, but it also caters to the need of versatility. To show you how to make the most use out of one suit, I have put together 6 looks with these two garments - two looks with them worn together and the remaining 4 outfits will be of the 2 pieces worn separately. I will share my way of wearing this skirt suit - whether it be with denim, leather, shorts, heels or even with sneakers. I can’t think of a more beneficial purchase - you’re buying 1 skirt suit but will be able to get a huge variation of looks out of it.
For the 1st look, I paired my rose gold suit with a white top that has a jersey sort of feel to it; this top dresses down the suit while adding a bit of edge to it. I didn’t want the look to be completely casual, so I chose a pair of see-through and silver heels to include into the mix - which I felt spiced up the look even further. This outfit is dressy yet simple at the same time, and can be worn for let’s say a dinner date, drinks out with friends or to a low-key event such as a store opening.  
I must admit that I’m quite fond of the ‘matchy-matchy’ trend this season. How it works is you basically pick 1 or 2 colours and stick to the shades of those colours. This next look caters to that beautifully. Nudes and pinks. Casual yet chic, the longer trench coat with a shorter skirt works to my favour. Not only is it slimming, but it makes the outfit what it is – unpredictable and interesting.
Next, we move on to wearing denim with the jacket. I like an outfit that’s edgy, and the combination of destroyed jeans with a rose gold jacket and pink heels really caters to this. This look is a little less subtle than the last, as the denim is quite loud, along with the baby-pink heels. Nonetheless, keeping your hair and make-up simple keeps the outfit down to earth, making it possible to where this look during the day or at night.
The third look hits the casual note – a white linen shirt, a black leather jacket and a combination of black and white skate slip-ons. The skirt suit not only goes with muted tones, but with blacks as well. This look has a hint of grunge to it (adding a pair of cool sunglasses will really contribute to this), yet the skirt is feminine and so the outfit remains chic.
To get a really feminine vibe out of this suit, pair it with similar shades from head to toe. As you can see in the collage, there’s quite a calm and angelic feel about this outfit, it’s soft and approachable. Even though I have added flats to the mix, the outfit is still quite dressed up - I’d wear it to Sunday brunch with my mother, or to cocktail mingle.
Last but definitely not least, we have a look that touches on the ‘sport-luxe’ trend – pairing your sporty gear (in this case, the shorts) with luxurious items (the rose gold jacket and heels). I’m absolutely in love with this trend, it gives of the confident yet laid back feel. I would wear this outfit for a night out with friends, as the heels do dress up the outfit to a higher extent. And don’t forget to stack on with rings! I do like to keep my looks somewhat simple with jewellery – clean rings make this work.
All the looks have a sense of femininity to them, yet they all touch upon simplicity and edge, making them unique and out of the norm. As you have seen, many sorts of textures go with this skirt suit, so play around with the garments in your closet – wear the skirt with a denim jacket, or the jacket with leather shorts. Whatever you do, wear it with confidence and you’ll be turning heads wherever you choose to wear the suit.

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