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There is nothing better than when you first hear a really, really great song, Also when it hasn't hit the mainstream yet and you feel like you have just discovered the last living dodo, and are just in anticipation for everyone else to know it exists, and then you kind of get annoyed when everyone knows it and loves it because, well it’s your dodo! Do you know what I mean?! Perhaps that’s just me...
So, much as I get protective about good music I am feeling generous today and I am going to share with you some rather special stuff…..

Here are some of my all time favourites:
GHOST LOFT - "Seconds"

This song never gets old for me. I heard it on the blog which is where I go to discover new songs and artists, and also the guy who write it is pretty funny.
JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW - "We don't eat" Simply beautiful!!

MATT CORBY - "Brother"
(I love him and his voice) Obviously we all know this song now but Matt was one of my dodos. So I guess you could say I basically discovered him! NO big deal...

Super cool Aussie chick. Discovered her when I was travelling in Australia when I was 18.

ANGUS AND JULIA STONE - "The Beast" - an awesome duo from Australia.

A personal friend and one of the most talented guys I know. Listen to his remix of one of Birdy's tracks.

NATHAN BALL - "Shadow Girl" - expect big things to come from this guy!

And finally JAI PAUL - "Jasmine" - one of the coolest people in the music industry.

Enjoy! x


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