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Somerset House is no more and LFW has a new home at the Brewer St carpark in Soho. This converted carpark was a challenging venue due to the sloping entrance which for the women (and let's be honest, some men) wearing sky-high heels every step felt like you were about to keel over and roll back down the hill in shame.
I must admit, I find Fashion Week...somewhat pretentious. I probably shared this view too many times during the week, and with the likes of Henry Conway, who revels in Fashion Week like a pig in its own muck. He just gave me a look of "Darling, you just don't belong." Which was probably true.

Whilst everyone who sat front row (or as the DM says "Frow" ) poised and pouted away, I was fighting the desire to get up and start dancing erratically and awkwardly down the runway. It was like one of those irrational urges when you laugh at a funeral or want to jump off a building.

Anyway, the streets were where it was happening for me. It took about half an hour to walk down Brewer Street due to mad fashion bloggers /students snapping away on their cameras or Iphones, noting who you were wearing. Their passion for the event made it inspiring and it felt almost like a festival.

The look I went for was 'Sixties Pixie'. Well that's what I coined it after I got dressed as that's sort of what I looked like. I am not great at planning an outfit and tend to approach getting changed with a "let's hope for the best" attitude. Which, if you are wondering, doesn't always work out so well.

My boots were not made for walking, and by midday blisters were forming. Nonetheless, I trotted my way through London from show to show like a trend-hunting trooper. Someone I was with actually took off her heels and starting sprinting down Lexington St like Usain Bolt. Again, my love for fashion does not outweigh my desire to stay composed and dry. I would rather be late (or frankly not go at all) than to arrive looking like I've come from competing in the Olympics. So I opted to walk.

The cameras are unforgiving anyway without adding insult to injury with a heavily perspiring face. But it was unavoidably sweaty and hot everywhere. It didn't feel very glamorous at all when I could feel sweat trickling down my back as I sat wedged between two people I didn't know. Sam Faiers, who sat next to me at one show was wearing a huge fur coat but couldn't take it off as she had only worn an old grey ASOS shirt underneath. Plus, she is pregnant, which probably made her even hotter. We were discussing this heat issue and I made some joke about her baby cooking underneath. In hindsight this was probably a bit distasteful and got a rather luke warm reception. 

So all in all, I can't say I am bowled over by Fashion Week. It seems like a lot of fuss to me, for something that lasts a few minutes. But some people love it and there is nothing wrong with that. Each to their own! Personally, I'd be happier wearing sweatpants and watch Netflix.
Caggie x 

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