Introducing The Selene Collection

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The Selene Collection - designed by Caggie, handmade by Reo Jewels.
My personal taste in jewellery is quite unique, and I have always struggled to find jewellery that is both affordable and different from the high street mass. So I wanted to create something for ISWAI that filled this gap.


I needed to find an up and coming designer to help me create something really personal and special for you all. After spending much time searching, someone connected me on Instagram with Rebecca Onyett, who is the designer and founder of Reo Jewels. I wanted something simple for ISWAI with a story behind it. After bouncing around lots of ideas, we decided to do a collection inspired by Greek Mythology and Astronomy, two subjects that fascinate me. The result is The Selene Collection.

This solid silver and gold plated, hand crafted collection is named after the Greek goddess, Selene, who wore the shape of a crescent moon as a crown on her forehead, The ancient Greeks believed the moon in its crescent form to be a symbol of knowing without thinking and to wear one, suggested the intention to go about life following your intuition and gut instinct. The Selene Collection celebrates this belief: being an individual, going with your own feelings and not being influenced by others, be that in your fashion style or following your dreams. So it is a perfect expression of ISWAI philosophy.

Rebecca has a unique style and is a true artist in what she does. Her company, Reo Jewels is a collection of unisex designs cast out of the anatomy of British wildlife animals. When we met we hit it off straight away and talked at length about the possibilities of what we could create together. She had previously worked with Shaun Leane ,who is an amazing jewellery designer and I believe she shares a similar edginess to her work, whilst creating something that is very much her own.

I hope you enjoy the result of our collaboration as much as I do.
Caggie x



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