Last Minute Film/TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

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So you forgot Halloween was coming or just left your plans to the last minute? Well whatever the case may be, this post is here to help! The cut up bin bag of your childhood while no longer do it, Halloween is bigger than ever and is your once chance in the year to put on your best fancy dress and live out that alter-ego. Here are some quick and fairly easy costumes inspired by some of the best classic film/TV characters, that you can create without having to put too much thought into it or break your drinks budget buying expensive professional costumes. 






Mean Girls knows that this is the easiest costume around! This basically works for most animals, either buy a pair of ears or if you're feeling particularly creative/on a tight budget fashion your own out of cardboard and a hairband, and draw yourself a black nose and whiskers with eyeliner. Pair this with a black dress or jeans/top combo and you've got a winner!




Orange Is The New Black 

As one of Netflix's most successful exports, we're betting OITNB will be THE costume of choice for many this year. If you can't get your hands on a bright orange jumpsuit easily (it might be slightly worrying if you can), then you can probably get away with anything orange - from a dress to co-ords. Just remember to tape a number written in sharpie on top for extra authentication. 






There are two ways you can go with this one; either as the ever sassy Hermione Granger with school uniform and a black cape over the top (a bin bag will do for this). Alternatively grab your best black dress (even better if it's a lace one), do heavy eye black make up, a pair of stripped tights if you're feeling brave, grab your wand/a twig from the garden and you're good to go!





Black Swan

Natalie Portman's character has quickly become an iconic Halloween look. Okay so the makeup might take a few attempts to get perfect but there are a wealth of Youtube videos to help you with it (we like Carros Beauty). If you don't have a black tutu dress then just think separates - a black tulle skirt with a lace cropped top is the more stylish version, add in a hairband with some black feathers glued to it if you don't have a tiara lying around, a pair of ballet pumps and all that's left is to put your hair into a bun for a simplified Black Swan effect. 




Wednesday Addams

This one is definitely easier if you're a brunette, sorry blondes. Plait your hair, stick on a black dress with a white shirt underneath then all that's left to do it channel that inner emo and bring out your best scowl. If you're still working your summer glow, a bit of white face paint or powder will help you look more like our girl Wednesday.



Other ISWAI tried and tested last minute simple ideas include a zombie, doll, devil or pirate, but whatever you decide, we hope you have a great night and just remember Halloween's golden rule; anything works as long as you make it "dead"!!


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