The 7 Stages Everyone Goes Through While Online Shopping on Black Friday

Posted by Caggie Dunlop on

As officially the biggest shopping weekend of the year, it's pretty hard to avoid Black Friday and the Cyber Weekend that follows, and not get caught up in the discounted madness. Over these 4 days there's an awful lot of different emotions a girl can go through...


1) Excitement: *When the emails start flooding in listing the discounts available on every website you could dream of*

2) Generosity: "I'm totally going to just buy Christmas presents for everyone I love"

3) Frustration: *Midnight on Black Friday* "Whyyyyyyyy is the ASOS website down?!"


4) Distracted: "Okay I HAVE to get these, then it will only be Christmas presents I promise"

5) Jealousy: *Regretting telling your same size BFF about those boots you've had your eye on for the last 3 months*


5) Satisfaction: *Checking your inbox and seeing all the emails with what you've bought on them and feeling like Kim K*


6) Regret: *9pm Monday evening checking your bank balance* "How did this happen?!"


 Pic credits: Tumblr

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