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It's Good Music Monday again here at ISWAI! And this week I'm bringing to your attention Fahrenheit by Cardiff based electric trio XY&O, made up of Skip, Tudor and Nick. This track has a gorgeous summery feel to it with feel good beats that perfectly counteract any gloomy winter vibes we might be feeling today on this particularly rainy Monday. As Wales' hottest new export these guys have been at the receiving end of a shoutout from Drake so they're fast on their way to the big time!

Check out our exclusive Q&A with the chaps below and have a listen to their track, I promise you will be totally excused for wanting to get up and have a dance wherever you are!


Tell us a bit about yourself for those of us that aren’t in the know... 

We’re called XY&O and our names are Skip (vocals), Tudor (beats) and Nick (guitar). We’re all from Cardiff (pretty much). We are avid supporters of the green cross code and live by the ethos ‘Ask questions first, make calculated decisions later’.


How did the band form?

Tudor and Skip met through a mutual rapper friend who was working on some music at a studio in Cardiff. We hit it off straight away and almost instantly decided we should work on writing some tracks together. We roped Nick in after hearing his bands demo online. His guitar playing was really interesting and we thought it would fit the stuff we’d started writing.


Who are your musical influences?

Skip: Personally mine are pretty diverse. I find it hard to dislike music, there’s usually always something I can latch onto in a track that’s good. The XY&O vibe from my point of view was really inspired by guys like MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Prince and then more pop RnB artists like Frank Ocean.

Nick: We all have varying influences, which is cool because it brings a lot more creativity to the table. I’ve been listening to a lot of soul music recently, I’m a big fan of Daptone records. Influences change all the time so it’s great to be able to just browse the internet and stumble across some great stuff.


How would you describe your sound?

It’s kind of hazy pop I guess. However, our live sound is much more .... Live for want of a better word. We play live as a 6 piece because we didn’t want to rely on playback at all. It get’s pretty intense.


Best moment of your career so far?

For us all it was our debut single ‘Low Tide’ going into the Global Chart on Spotify. The track got over a million streams over a few weeks which was mental.


What’s the song you’re proudest of?

Skip: Ummm, I’m not sure. My opinion changes all the time. I’m proud of them in different ways. Low Tide is the track that has done the best in terms of streams, shares and global reach etc which I’m proud of. But then I think we have

written better songs recently that work much better live for example. A personal favourite is a track called ‘Shades of You’ that’s we’ve written for the next record.

Nick: It’s hard to tell, we’re constantly working on new tunes and there’s an element of pride that goes into all of them. It’s always a great feeling translating new songs to our full six piece live setup, I think the biggest sense of pride is seeing all of the songs grow into a complete performance.


How did it feel having Drake show his support for you guys?!

Surreal. The power of the internet eh!?


Favourite gig you’ve played so far?

Our gig in Hoxton HQ at the end of the Summer was the highlight so far for me. It was our first gig in the current full line up and the venue was full. Thankfully the crowd seemed to like it


What exciting things do you have coming up in the pipeline?

We have the last track of our EP ‘Shimmer & Shade’ coming out in January and then another EP in March/April time - keep your eyes peeled…



Find out more about XY&O here:

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