TEN OF THE BEST: Christmas Films

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These festive classics are what make Christmas so great every year, whether they're set in a dreamy decorated New York or our own city of London we can't get enough and rewatch the same ones again and again! Here's our (not so definitive guide) to the 10 best Xmas films, what's your fave?!



Home Alone

But only 1 & 2 obviously, as let's be real... 3 & 4 definitely don't count.




Any film that features the insult "cotton headed ninny muggins" is a winner for us!



Miracle on 34th St

If you needed any more proof that Father Christmas was real, then just watch this film (we prefer the nineties version with the little girl from Matilda in)!




Love Actually

There's a reason why we chose to screen this for our Christmas party this year! What makes it even better is that it's set in our fair city! 



The Santa Clause

Imagine being a kid and your dad is Santa, would that not be the best thing ever?!



Dr Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Our grumpy spirit animal, cos sometimes the festivities just get too much!




The Polar Express

 A magical and enchanting animation that nobody is too old for!



The Snowman

This takes us right back to childhood with its charming simplicity, a beautiful story and illustrations.


The Holiday

A romantic comedy full of cheesy Christmas goodness and big Hollywood names, an easy watching treat.



The Muppets Christmas Carol

Finally release your inner child by watching the great remake of the Charles Dickens classic by Kermit, Miss Piggy and crew.




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