9 Alternative Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Whether you're one half of a super-loved up couple or celebrating 'Galentines' Day instead this year, here's our list on alternative and unconventional ways that you can celebrate the most romantic day of the year! (because let's face it, going out for dinner is hardly groundbreaking romance)

1)  Have an indoor picnic, February doesn't really lend itself to the outside version so get all of the yummy food together that you would normally have, put a blanket down, turn off the TV and electronics and just enjoy each other's company!

2)  There's nothing better than revisiting your childish side, from laser tag to skating at a roller rink (some indoor play centres even have adults only sessions) - sometimes we forget just how fun it is to be silly! 

3) Be a tourist in your own hometown or local area, whether its going to a museum, seeing some sights or even taking a walk and stopping for a drink we often miss what's just under our nose!

4) Valentine's Day is all about love so why not spread it around by volunteering at an animal shelter or charity such as a soup kitchen.

5) Learn a new skill together, because nothing says love like showing your useless side, from a skiing lesson, to a trapeze class or chocolate making - the list is endless!

6) Discover a new local up-and-coming band and see them play.

7) Attempt to draw/paint one another, set it up like an art class and splash out on a canvas and some paint - we promise it will provide hilarious outcomes.

8) Have a 'favourites' evening, you both chooses a few of the things they love most - e.g. meal, dessert, snacks, film, TV show, book, drink - it's just a great way for you to introduce your favourite things to someone else.

9) One for the London based gals, but check out the Saatchi Gallery's first female-only exhibition, Champagne Life.

    AND just in case you need a few more ideas for a Valentine's gift (or just want to get your hints in), then check out our selection of ISWAI products below that every girl would love to receive! 


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