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Our brand ambassador Ellen, is involved in a brilliant initiative called Code First: Girls to encourage girls to join the boys and get coding! Here she's written a blog post on just why it's so important that more of us begin to get involved with this tech behemoth!


"When asked to define a typical computer scientist, the majority of us would immediately describe an overly-keen, bumbling male with an unhealthy love for gaming. However, this is proven to be an old-fashioned way of looking at things. The lack of female stereotypes in the technology industry has led to something amazing: tech is becoming sassy.

With gender equality being thrust into the forefront of many minds ever since Emma Watson’s poignant speech as UN Goodwill Ambassador in September 2014, it is the perfect time to get behind organisations such as the awesome social enterprise, ‘Code First: Girls’.

The company aims to close the gender gap in the ever-growing technical sector and erase the expectations that society thrusts upon us from a young age. By educating 1500+ young women over the past 18 months in workshop events and courses nationally, ‘Code First: Girls’ are making moves to try to eradicate gender-labels associated with certain career paths.

 Even creative roles in marketing and advertising are beginning to look for knowledge and understanding of systems such as google analytics and skills such as coding, programming and pay per click. Worryingly, all of these skills are yet to make their way into the university modules of business courses. As a marketing student myself, it was this hole in my CV that drove me to start up a coding course at my university. The ‘Code First: Girls’ courses are completely free to set up and attend, and are exclusive to females due to the government and investors putting so much emphasis into encouraging the (ahem) better sex to get stuck in to tech and importantly, to become even more employable. Gone are the days when the jobs with the most opportunity for progression are saved for men!


ISWAI is a brand that encourages strong women with active and dynamic lives and interests to make themselves heard, and that is why it is no surprise that being an ambassador for both ISWAI and Code First: Girls is so synergistic.

As Emma Watson pointed out in her eloquent dialogue, an ambitious girl is quick to be called 'bossy’. Surely in this day and age female ambition needs to be encouraged rather than frowned upon? All I hope for is that young women fulfil their potential in the workplace and choose career paths regardless of whether they are seen as 'women-friendly’ or not. We have to seize technology by the balls!!

If you would like to learn more about Code First: Girls or to start up a free coding course at your own university, please do not hesitate to email"

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